day 9: jade

Last year after I passed the Texas bar exam, I held a dinner with my family and closest friends. I gave them all these tiny jade plants as a gesture gratitude. Most of my peeps accidentally killed their plants by over/underwatering, but mine is healthy and strong, my dad’s is doing well, and my mom’s has morphed into a full, vibrant jade plant.

jade plant

Back when I first had interest in photography, I shot this jade plant in New York City:


canon 5d mark ii
canon 100 mm macro

houston, tx 2014


day 7: taste the love

A very wise man asked me to pick him up from the airport today. Figuring he would be hungry after a long flight, I prepared a gourmet turkey, lettuce, bacon and avocado sandwich on a buttery, flaky croissant for him. I included a summer peach, fresh-baked cookies and Texas tea to complete the package. Welcome home!


canon 5d mark ii canon 100 mm macro houston, tx 2014


day 5: sox

When I visit my mom, this little sweetie always jumps in my lap to give me kisses. Sweet baby! Except I noticed today that she drinks water from the toilet bowl.

Day 5





canon 5d mark ii
canon 100 mm macro

houston, tx 2014

day 4: rubber chicken

Wasabi loves loud, annoying squeak toys! He used to have a Spongebob squeaky spoon in New York that would provide him hours of joy–much to my dismay. When I found this rubber chicken at Petco this weekend, I thought about the forthcoming noise pollution. But hey, whatever makes him happy. ^_^

Day 4… Did I lose my groove and get it back? It feels so great to be shooting and at least thinking about photography again.

Day 4

iphone 4S (I know, I know…I need to get the upgrade)

day 3: bromeliad

Project 365…so compelling yet so impossible to complete with my insane schedule! Regardless of how far I get into shooting this project, I am so grateful to have my camera in my hands again. I missed photography.

bromeliadcamera: canon 5d mark ii
lens: canon 100 mm macro
houston, tx


day 2: pay it forward

The lady ahead of me at Starbucks this morning paid for my coffee and drove away. The already huge smile on my face widened when the barista told me that I made that lady smile + I had a really cute dog. This happens ALL THE TIME in Houston, and I love it! Thank you! Let’s go pay it forward, Wasabi.

Wasabicamera: canon 5d mark ii
lens: canon 50 mm “nifty fifty”
houston, tx